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Leader Development Workshops

Complimentary to the book - LEADERSHIP: Different and Servant-likewe offer a series of workshops that provide practical grounding for the practice of Servant-leadership in the real world. 


Our workshop material is available in various delivery formats, and a menu of themes to match your needs. Workshop content can be delivered in single message, day-long, multi-day, and weekly meeting formats, to both large groups and small teams. 

If you think these educational programs may be of value to you or your team, we'd love to talk. 

Workshop Themes

  • The Servant-leadership Framework: A framework for understanding all of Servant-leadership.

  • Your Personal Leadership Delivery System: Discover the personal source of your unique leadership delivery. 

  • The Leadership Platform: Every leader has a platform - but, do you know all that's included and why?

  • The Core Needs of Followers: We should know this! 

  • Servant-leadership. . . What It Is Not: Lot's of myths about how to practice Servant-leadership. This module clears it all up!

  • Leaders. . . Getting it Right: An intimate look into examples of leaders who successfully lead as a servant (and some who didn't).

  • Authority, Responsibility, Accountability, Relationships: Find out how these all tie together for a leader to be most effective.

  • Different - like this!: Self-awareness is key to effective leading. Find out your behavioural cues that can inform and guide you.

Audience and Lecturer


"You have deeply challenged my thinking during this workshop. . . thank you!" Brian A

"This is "Masters" level content - very good!  Allan S


"I think this is the best leadership training I've ever been a part of. It's so clear and practical, I'll use this!" Kevin C

"We have the Servant-leadership Framework up on the wall for our team to reference daily. It's an insightful piece of work."  Jennifer K

"Valuable concepts I've never before thought about! You've given me a solid foundation for my leading." Alex L

"Your teaching has totally clarified the whole area of leading for me. It's changed the way I understand the task. Thank you."  Joshua B

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