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Thank you for stopping by. We keep engaged in life by helping others - professionally, personally, and through special programs and projects.


Check out our work below, we welcome your inquiries.

Our Book. . . 

Speaking about "leadership," Jesus made this statement: "With You it Will Be Different!" But, is it? 

Is it "different" in the right ways? Is your leadership based on what he was speaking of? How do you know for sure?

You will find practical and actionable insight into the standard of Servant-leadership by reading this book. 

Leader Development Workshops

Adding complimentary personal development tools to the book, we offer a series of leader development workshops and/or coaching sessions to provide relevant grounding for Servant-leadership. 

Insightful, practical, engaging, and actionable personal development as a leader. 

Our Social Cause

Co-founders of a strategically designed education program for children of the needy in Nepal. Together with like-minded people, we are making a difference for good through school and life-skills education for those facing barriers of generational poverty. 

Having "been there" as leaders in corporate (CEO), board directorships, founders, non-profit, mission, church, and other contexts. . . we simply offer your use of our life-long learnings and skills. . ."To Help Good Things Happen." 

Help With Your Goals

Check out the ways we might help you. . . project hands on; coaching; research; team development - let's talk.

We love seeing good things become fruitful. 

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